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Finisar Corporation is a global technology leader in optical communications, providing components and subsystems to networking equipment manufacturers, data center operators, telecom service providers, consumer electronics and automotive companies. Finisar products are designed to meet the increasing demands for network bandwidth, data storage and 3D sensing subsystems.

High performance analog semiconductor company, main products include:
* DC/DC converter ICs.
* LED driver ICs.
* Class D audio amplifier ICs,
* Linear ICs
* Battery Chargers and Protection Devices
* Power over Ethernet (PoE) PD Solutions

Advanced Optical Networking for Tomorrow's Broadband Servics.

Leading equipment manufacturers in the networking and communications markets to support the continual increase in Internet users, data and services.

Having advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities in multiple 300mm wafer fabrication technologies, particularly in world class NOR Flash memory and CMOS Image Sensor production.

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